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The Database aims to record all instances of serious violence against or by indigenous Australians in the last ten years.

The Database at present is under development

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13/12/17 Tangentyere Men's Council sets rules for out of town visitors ... more>

12/12/17 Robbery with violence, Alice Springs ... more>

1/12/17 NT coroner comments on case of man with fractured skull in traditional payback ... more>

24/11/17 Alice Springs police chief speaks at White Ribbon Day march ... more>

24/11/17 Call for overhaul of violence prevention strategies ... more>

23/11/17 Assault, Alice Springs ... more>

17/11/17 Royal Commission recommends closure of Don Dale youth detention centre ... more> ... more>

15/11/17 Large numbers of NT children jailed on remand ... more>

1/11/17 Redfern activist urges speaking up on domestic violence ... more>

31/10/17 Central Queensland women fight for action on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder ... more>

25/10/17 Light sentence for Kimberley man who left partner permanently disabled; 40% annual increase in domestic violence reports ... more>

20/10/17 Katherine child protection workers assigned caseloads of 90 children each ... more>

18/10/17 Medical staff pulled out of Imanpa again due to threats of violence ... more>

15/10/17 Attempted armed robbery, Townsville ... more>

12/10/17 Assault, Alice Springs ... more>

9/10/17 Murder rate in Katherine/Tennant Creek 50 times national average ... more>

7/10/17 Anthony Dillon on indigenous leaders who speak out against violence ... more>

23/9/17 Robbery with violence, Townsville ... more>

21/9/17 Armed robberies, Gold Coast ... more

8/9/17 Serious assault, Alice Springs ... more>

31/8/17 WA Child Protection Minister visits Roebourne over child abuse crisis ... more> ... more>

28/8/17 Dylan Voller's mother charged with death threats to Jacinta Price ... more>

27/8/17 Anti-violence advocate Jacinta Price leads in Alice Springs Council elections ... more>

20/8/17 Central Australian women discuss domestic violence with schoolgirls ... more>

15/8/17 Kimberley inquest hears authorities had no power to remove 12-year-old who committed suicide ... more>

14/8/17 Sexual assault at Katherine visitor centre ... more>

9/8/17 PM and politicians to be shown WA 'War zone' video ... more>

9/8/17 Police assaulted and police car smashed, Alice town camp ... more>

1/8/17 WA Police Commissioner says welfare payments used to buy child sex in Pilbara ... more>

26/7/17 Kimberley suicide inquest hears evidence on high rate of suicides ... more>

17/7/17 Kowanyama mayor speaks on suicide crisis ... more>

17/717 Elijah Doughty accused found not guilty of manslaughter, Kalgoorlie ... more>

13/7/17 Another inquest into Kimberley youth suicides ... more> ... linked to FAS ... more>>

12/7/17 Alice Springs women march against violence ... more>

4/7/17 Police name suspect in Katherine stabbing murder ... more>

28/6/17 Former minister Elferink in Royal Commission condemns underage marriage and male genital mutilation ... more>

27/6/17 Anthony Dillon on youth suicide ... more>

23/6/17 Police assaulted during arrest, Alice Springs ... more>

17/6/17 Groote Eylandt spear killer sentenced ... more>

16/6/17 Milikapiti to remain far from police presence despite continuing violence ... more>

16/6/17 Murder charges over Kalkarindji stabbing ... more>

15/6/17 NT attacker who stomped on victim's head 51 times sentenced to indefinite jail ... more>

16/6/17 Tangentyere women to march against violence on July 11 ... more>

14/6/17 Katherine petrol-sniffer threatened to shoot nurses to obtain petrol, later died ... more>

8/6/17 Alice town camp women 'sick of being another domestic violence statistic' ... more>

8/6/17 Katherine man works against domestic violence ... more

7/6/17 Police injured and fire shots in new attacks, Wadeye ... more>

3/6/17 Over 30 charged with child sex offences, Pilbara ... more>

30/5/17 Police injured in attacks at Wadeye and Hermannsburg ... more>

10/5/17 Indecent assault, Alice Springs ... more>

8/5/17 Householder assaulted by three men, Alice Springs ... more>

3/5/17 Indigenous over-represented in murder cases, Qld ... more>

1/5/17 Robbery with violence, Darwin service station ...more>

28/4/17 Inquest into 13 indigenous suicides, Broome area ... more>

26/4/17 NT AFL star charged with assaulting partner ... more>

25/4/17 Police reinforcements sent to deal with clan violence in Ali Curung ... more>

24/4/17 Indecent assault, Alice Springs ...more>

18/4/17 Darwin supermarket held up with knife ... more>

15/4/17 Break-in with violence, Rockhampton ... more>

13/4/17 Mining royalties fuelled alcohol binge where wife bashed to death ... more>

9/4/17 Taxi driver bashed and robbed, Townsville ... more>

5/4/17 Tennant Creek street fighting caught on video ... more>

25/3/17 Young suicides, Leonora ... more>

18/3/17 Serious assault by group, Dubbo ... more>

2/3/17 76-year-old badly beaten, Katherine ... more>

1/3/17 Man jailed for stabbing ex-partner in face with steak knife, Darwin ... more>

24/2/17 Gayle Woodford murderer had long list of previous assaults ... more>

24/2/17 "Crisis of violence in Aboriginal families must stop": judge ... more>

24/2/17 Efforts to keep Ceduna youth out of jail ... more>

21/2/17 Assault, Alice town camp ... more>

3/2/17 Death of woman at town camp, Alice Springs ... more>

28/1/17 Jacinta Price calls for attention to domestic violence instead of Australia Day ... more> ... more>

26/1/17 Dylan Voller's poetry on jail violence ... more>

25/1/17 Holdup with knife, Palmerston ... more>

24/1/17 Ms Dhu's life before custody ... more>

23/1/17 Expanded funding for indigenous suicide programs ... more>

17/1/17 Armed robbery, Hervey Bay ... more>

16/1/17 Attempted armed robbery, Darwin ... more>

14/1/17 Armed robbery, Townsville ... more>

8/1/17 Twenty men in brawl, Croker Island NT ... more>

26/12/16 Woman assaulted twice in one night, Katherine ... more>

21/12/16 Man forced way into car, Alice Springs ... more>

18/12/16 Assault and robbery, Palmerston ... more>

17/12/16 Alcohol restrictions sought in Kimberley to stem child rapes and suicides ... more>

16/12/16 Coroner criticises "inhumane" treatment of Ms Dhu before death in custody ... more>

15/12/16 Pizzeria robbed, Caboolture ... more>

8/12/16 Assault, Tennant Creek ... more>

7/12/16 More bones found in search for remains of Lateesha Nolan ... more>

29/11/16 Turnbull and Shorten acknowledge high rates of indigenous violence on White Ribbon Day ... more>

28/11/16 Bashing with iron bar during attempted robbery, Toowoomba ... more>

22/11/16 Rock throwing attack leaves woman injured, Alice Springs ... more>

22/11/16 Domestic violence victim on Q&A calls for "no broad brushstrokes" ... more>

21/11/16 WA top cop calls for lowering bar for child removals from violent families ... more>

21/11/16 Indigenous suicide high in Goldfields region, WA ... more>

21/11/16 Slingshot amnesty and guessing competition improve police-youth relations, Yarrabah ... more>

16/11/16 Despair at continuing fetal alcohol crisis in Fitzroy Crossing ... more>

9/11/16 Marcia Langton, Jacinta Price and Josephine Cashman to speak on indigenous violence at National Press Club ... more> ... report> ... video

9/11/16 Indigenous children in care predicted to triple ... more>

27/10/16 Woman mugged and dragged, Darwin ... video>

18/10/16 Liam Jurrah back in court for violent offence ... more>

18/10/16 Baby injured by rocks thrown at car, Alice Springs ... more>

15/10/16 Aboriginal domestic violence "comes from a different place": Warren Mundine replies ... more

7/10/16 Woman dead after 4WD drives into mourners, Kowanyama ... more>

6/10/16 83% of NT domestic violence offenders are indigenous ... more>

3/10/16 Warren Mundine: 'Indigenous people must condemn domestic violence' ... more> ... comment> ... new court>

30/9/16 Man bashed woman in head with hammer and shouted "I'm a winner, I killed my wife" ... more>

27/9/16 Bess Price criticises indigenous parents for child neglect ... more>

25/9/16 Prisoner "brain dead" after fight with guards, Adelaide ... more>

22/9/16 Coroner's investigation into Alice Springs domestic violence deaths finds system failures ... more> ... Coroner says domestic violence out of control ... more>

19/9/16 Death of woman, Darwin ... more>

15/9/16 Attack with knife threat at Darwin service station ... more>

14/9/16 Breakin and threat with hammer, Palmerston ... more>

14/9/16 Police assaulted, Central Australia ... more>

5/9/16 Health care worker assaulted in pool, Nhulunbuy ... more>

2/9/16 Report on youth sexual violence in Far North Queensland ... more>

30/8/16 Police officer injured in Kalgoorlie protest over teen death ... more> ... Women shield police ... more>

24/8/16 Killers of Yuendumu pool manager jailed ... more>

24/8/16 Taxi driver robbed at knifepoint, Brisbane ... more>

23/8/16 Police flee mob, police vehicle trashed, Cape York ... more>

18/8/16 Allegations of bashings by guards at Cleveland Detention Centre, Townsville ... more>

14/8/16 Violent feud on Kimberley cattle station ... more>

13/8/16 Cathy McLennan's Saltwater details stories of violence against indigenous children ... more>

12/8/16 Traditional desert culture "accepts violence against women" and must chang e: Jacinta Price ... more>

7/8/16 Sentencing for two who stabbed cousin to death, Darwin ... more>

5/8/16 No suitable facilities for mentally ill violent criminals, NT ... more>

26/7/16 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children "account for 80 per cent of all deaths in the four to 11-year age range": Children's Commissioner ... more>

26/7/16 Royal Commission into torture of youths at Don Dale Detention Centre and Berrimah .. more>

14/7/14 Claim that 5% of indigenous deaths due to suicide ... more>

13/7/16 Aboriginal mothers 17 times as likely to die of homicide ... more>

12/7/16 Changes to Darwin mental health ward after escapee killed himself ... more>

12/7/16 Man hit female paramedic tending his dying father, Alice Springs town camp ... more>

11/7/16 Teachers return to Aurukun, with personal alarms and security guards ... more>

11/7/16 Violence between police and community, Mataranka ... more>

7/7/16 Armed robbery, Brisbane area ... more>

7/7/16 Fatally wounded man told to "just die now", Darwin ... more>

6/7/16 Sober community members save female police officer from drunk mob, Lajamanu ... more>

28/6/16 Jacinta Price speaks in Sydney on indigenous violence ... more> ... video>

27/6/16 Armed robbery, Townsville ... more>

23/6/16 Robbery with violence, Gympie ... more>

21/6/16 Life imprisonment for man who beat wife to death in Alice town camp ... more>

16/6/16 UN forum told of extreme levels of Australian indigenous violence ... more>

12/6/16 Women punished for supporting abuse victim, Illawarra ... more>

10/6/16 Six plead guilty over deaths in Groote Eylandt riot ... more>

9/6/16 "more than 90 per cent of Aboriginal women in prison were family violence victims" ... more>

28/5/16 Man jailed for knife attack on partner at Kintore NT ... more>

25/5/16 Aurukun teachers evacuated again ... more>

20/5/16 House entered and child assaulted, Katherine ... more>

17/5/16 Minister Bess Price announces $6m for NT domestic violence programs ... more>

17/5/16 Aurukun elder calls for police to stop street fights ... more>

10/5/16 Teachers evacuated from Aurukun over safety concerns, extra police sent in ... more>

10/5/16 Woman assaulted on street, Darwin ... more>

10/5/16 Serial domestic violence offender sentenced, Alice Springs ... more>

9/5/16 Queries over failure to prosecute for 2011 northern NSW killing ... more>

4/5/16 Second nurse assaulted at Wadeye ... more>

26/4/16 Wadeye nurse assaulted on callout ... more>

26/4/16 Woman threw vomit bag at nurse treating her, Alice Springs ... more>

22/4/16 NT Police Comissioner's statement includes reminder of indigenous family violence statistics ... more>

10/4/16 Complaints of lack of police action over 2013 Tennant Creek murder ... more>

5/4/16 Woman chased brother with axe, Melville Island ... more>

4/4/16 Assaults, Darwin shopping centre ... more>

3/4/16 Riot with spears and machetes, Roper River ... more>

2/4/16 Man sentenced for setting fire to partner's hair, Tennant Creek; 60 previous convictions ... more>

28/3/16 WA parliamentary inquiry into aboriginal youth suicides ... more>

25/3/16 APY nurse missing after abducted in ambulance ... more> ... body found>

17/3/16 Two sexual assaults, Darwin ... more>

17/3/16 Jail for throwing rocks at police and breaching DVA, Borroloola ... more>

14/3/16 Attempted armed robbery with shovel and knife, Yarrabah near Cairns ... more>

14/3/16 Claims NT Department of Children and Families failing in duty of care ... more>

12/3/16 More tip of the iceberg: report on indigenous child abuse, North Queensland ... more>

8/3/16 Death of 10-year-old Kimberley girl believed to be suicide ... more> ... tip of the iceberg? ... more>

28/2/16 Neighbours attacked over racist wifi network name, Palmerston ... more>

23/2/16 Woman fighting for life after being hit in head with hammer, Alice Springs camp ... more>

18/2/16 Sex attack by three men in concrete drain, Palmerston ... more>

3/2/16 Attempted sexual assault, Alice Springs ... more>

3/2/16 Robbery with violence, Darwin ... more>

26/1/16 Australia Day assault on Darwin beach ... more>

22/1/16 Robbery with assault, Darwin ... more>

18/1/16 Central Australian woman sentenced for stabbing violent ex-partner ... more>

1/1/16 Paramedic attacked while treating patient, Alice Springs town camp ... more>

26/12/15 Attempted armed robbery, Brisbane ... more>

19/12/15 Nurse sexually assaulted, Ngukurr ... more>

10/12/15 Artists stage Aboriginal Violence Awareness Day ... more>

8/12/15 Armed robbery, Darwin service station ... more>

7/12/15 Illawarra elder pleads guilty to child sex charges ... more>

29/11/15 Footy helps reduction of violence at Wadeye ... more>

15/11/15 Stabbing death, Arnhem Land ... more>

12/11/15 Babies dead in North Queensland syphilis epidemic ... more>

7/11/15 Two dead in Groote Eylandt riot ... more> ... video emerges>

2/11/15 Roadside rape, Cairns ...more>

1/11/15 Four Corners on fetal alcohol syndrome ... more>

1/11/15 Babies die in syphilis epidemic ... more>

30/10/15 Excess indigenous child deaths from injury and suicide in NSW ... more>

30/10/15 Police support anti-domestic violence campaign in Ramingining ... more> ... in Wurramiyanga

28/10/15 Man charged with multiple assaults, Alice Springs ... more>

23/10/15 Guard injured as offenders escape from Alice Springs Juvenile Detention Centre ... more>

23/10/15 Woman found guilty of murdering Bess Price's sister ... more> ... family comment>

15/10/15 Teenagers' crime spree, Darwin ... more>

10/10/15 Investigation of death in custody, Kingston Qld ... more>

9/10/15 Anthony Dillon calls for recognition of high rates of indigenous violence ... more>

6/10/15 Sexual assault, Darwin ... more>

6/10/15 Turnaround at formerly violent Kalgoorlie housing complex ... more>

1/10/15 Massive brawl stops footy carnival, Papunya ... more>

28/9/15 NPY women say domestic violence underreported ... more>

28/9/15 Bess Price speaks on safe communities and economic development ... more>

27/9/15 Syphilis infections in babies soar in North Queensland communities ... more>

22/9/15 Cross-border domestic violence arrest, APY Lands ... more>

17/9/15 Indecent assault, Darwin ... more>

15/9/15 14-year sentence for man who bashed wife to death, Darwin ... more>

15/9/15 Taxi driver bashed, Darwin ... more>

11/9/15 Sexual assault, Darwin ... more>

11/9/15 Ice dealers turned up at victim's funeral ... more>

10/9/15 Allegations of violence by security guards on Kimberley cattle station ... more>

28/8/15 Aggravated assault, Alice Springs ... more>

26/8/15 Aggravated assault and robbery of German backpackers, Darwin ... more>

22/8/15 Girl assaulted at bus stop, Townsville ... more>

15/8/15 Doubts over confession in Broome manslaughter ... more>

14/8/15 Man stole good Samaritan's car, Maryborough .... more>

13/8/15 Supermarket worker king hit, Darwin ... video>

11/8/15 Assault of police and tasering, Wilcannia ... more>

7/8/15 Sexual assault, Nhulunbuy ... more>

1/8/15 Aggravated assault, Katherine ... more>

31/7/15 Mother of 11-year-old who suicided also commits suicide, Perth ... more>

31/7/15 Woman jailed 7 years for stabbing partner to death with butter knife ... more>

30/7/15 85-year-old woman robbed at knifepoint in home, Ipswich ... more>

28/7/15 Award for NT suicide prevention work ... more>

21/7/15 Liam Jurrah back in jail ... more>

14/7/15 Sexual assault, Alice Springs ... more>

13/7/15 Aggravated assault, Darwin ... more>

12/7/15 Aboriginal women in Victoria 34 times more likely to suffer domestic violence than non-indigenous ... more>

8/7/15 Indecent assault, Alice Springs ... more>

7/7/15 Murder suspect hunted near Oodnadatta ... more>

7/7/15 NT homicide rate five times national average ... more>

30/6/15 Aboriginal women's sexual assault network faces closure ... more>

30/6/15 Aboriginal kids dumped in dangerous care placements ... more>

29/6/15 Linda Burney speaks about her experience as domestic violence victim ... more>

29/6/15 Man terrorised nurses with axe but kept driving job ... more>

27/6/15 Robbery with violence, Brisbane ... more>

22/6/15 Woman punches supermarket employee in face, outer Brisbane ... more>

20/6/15 Violent subculture, Palmerston ... more>

12/6/15 Stabbing, Palmerston ... more>

11/6/15 Murder trial over 1990 Coober Pedy disappearance ... more>

9/6/15 Queensland coroner calls for action on indigenous youth suicides ... more>

4/6/15 Woman assaulted in car park, Darwin ... more>

2/6/15 Indecent assault, Alice Springs ... more>

30/5/15 'NT Fights' Facebook page shut down ... more> ... page returns ... more>

29/5/15 Walgett parents bypass local violent school ... more>

22/5/15 Mervyn Bell sentenced for bashing partner before murdering baby ... more>

22/5/15 Canberra man left in coma after alleged bashing in jail ... more>

21/5/05 Footage of 13-year-old girl being attacked, Walgett school ... more>

20/5/15 Tiwi community meeting calms days of youth brawls ... more>

19/5/15 Wadeye combats youth violence with footy ... more>

18/5/15 Dampier Peninsula domestic violence shelter to close ... more>

18/5/15 Armed robbery of bar, Brisbane ... more>

18/5/15 Attempted robbery by teenagers, Brisbane ... more>

18/5/15 Disturbance, Groote Eylandt ... more>

14/5/15 Indecent assault, Darwin ... more>

10/5/15 Armed robbery of bottle shop, Brisbane ... more

8/5/15 Rate of NT child abuse notifications soars ... more>

7/5/15 Woman bashed to death on Anzac Day, Brewarrina ... more>

6/5/15 Aggravated assault, Alice Springs ... more>

5/5/15 Murdered Perth teen suffered 172 blows ... more> ... more>

May 15 Indigenous five times more likely to be involved in homicide than non-indigenous: AIC ... more>

3/5/15 Aggravated assault, Alice Springs ... more>

30/4/15 Violent crimes keep indigenous incarceration rate much higher than non-indigenous ... more>

30/4/15 Man sought after domestic incident, Darwin ... more>

23/4/15 Walgett school "hotbed of violence" ... more> ... more>

21/4/15 Armed robbery of bottle shop, Edmonton Qld ... more>

20/4/15 Indecent assault, Groote Eylandt ... more>

19/4/15 Complaint over police force in Melbourne terror raid ... more>

16/4/15 Domestic violence incident, Alice Springs town camp ... more>

15/4/15 Indecent assault in home, Alice Springs ... more>

14/4/15 Large group throw rocks at police and motorists, Alice Springs ... more>

11/4/15 Robbery with violence, Alice Springs ... more>

10/4/15 NT government launches suicide prevention plan ... more>

8/4/15 Groote Eylandt alcohol system has some success in containing violence ... more>

6/4/15 WA police investigate two deaths in rioting, Kalumburu ... more> ... more>

2/4/15 Assaults by young teen girls on Darwin buses ... more>

31/3/15 Palaszczuk calls on MP Billy Gordon to resign over criminal past ... more>

30/3/15 Robbery, Alice Springs ... more>

29/3/15 Boys aged 5 and 6 allegedly indecently assaulted girl aged 5, central Australia ... more>

28/3/15 300 riot in Mt Isa as "family feud" escalates ... more>

24/3/15 Rape of seven-year-old in Alice town camp ... more>

24/3/15 CCTV footage of violent arrest of Sydney teen who later hanged herself ... more>

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"In such condition there is no place for industry, because the fruit thereof is uncertain: and consequently no culture of the earth; no navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by sea; no commodious building; no instruments of moving and removing such things as require much force; no knowledge of the face of the earth; no account of time; no arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, ch. 13

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