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 Reports of Inquiries Minimize

Preventing Youth Sexual Violence Abuse in West Cairns and Aurukun, 2016 (Smallbone Report)

Report of the Inquiry into the Child Protection System of the Northern Territory, 2010 (Bath Report) ... Patricia Shadforth's submission

Mullighan Inquiry into sexual abuse in APY lands, 2007 ... followups ...

Northern Territory Commission of Inquiry into the Protection of Aboriginal Children from Sexual Abuse, 'Little Children are Sacred', 2007.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, 'Ending family violence and abuse in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities', 2006.

Aboriginal Child Sexual Assault Taskforce (NSW), 'Breaking the Silence: Creating the Future. Addressing child sexual assault in Aboriginal communities in NSW', 2006.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 'Family violence among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples', 2006.

The Gordon Inquiry (WA), 2002.

Memmott et al, Attorney-General's Dept, 'Violence in Indigenous Communities'.

Australian Bureau of Statistics, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey, 2002 (section on Law and Justice)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Task Force on Violence report (Qld), 1999.

Criminal Justice Commission of Queensland, Murder in Queensland, 1994.

Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, 1991.


Further resources: AIHW

 Articles Minimize

[book] T. Purtill, The Dystopia in the Desert: The silent culture of Australia’s remotest Aboriginal communities, 2017.

K. Pholi, The c-word polite folk won't utter, Quadrant Online, Feb 2017.

A. Dillon, The greater tragedy of Julieka Dhu, Quadrant Online, Jan 2017.

G. Clark, Speaking out on aboriginal violence, Quadrant 58 (9) (Sept 2014), 69-73. (abstract)

T. Thomas, The long history of aboriginal violence, part II Quadrant online 7/5/13.

E. Farrelly, Protecting a cultural right to abuse, Sydney Morning Herald 11/4/13.

[Book]  S. Jarrett, Liberating Aboriginal People from Violence (Connor Court, 2013).

J. Franklin, The missionary with 150 wives, Quadrant 56 (7/8) (July/Aug 2012), 30-32.

M. Willis, Non-disclosure of violence in Australian indigenous communities, Australian Institute of Criminology report, Jan 2011.

J. Wundersitz, Indigenous perpetrators of violence: Prevalence and risk factors for offending, Australian Institute of Criminology report, 2010.

A. Wright, Grog War, Magabala Books, Nov 2009.

S. Jarrett, Violence: an inseparable part of traditional Aboriginal culture, Bennelong Society occasional paper, 2009.

K. Windschuttle, Bill Stanner and the end of Aboriginal High Culture, Quadrant 53 (2) (May 2009).

J. Lloyd, Domestic violence related homicide cases in Central Australia, International conference on homicide : domestic related homicide, Dec 2008.

J. Franklin, The cultural roots of aborginal violence, Quadrant 52 (11) (Nov, 2008)

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L.M. Jamieson, J.E. Harrison and J.G Berry, Hospitalisation for head injury due to assault among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, July 1999 - June 2005, Medical Journal of Australia 188 (2008), 576-9.

J. Warin (with J. Franklin), "Remote Aboriginal Communities: Why the trade in girls and other human rights abuses remain hidden,  Bennelong Society occasional paper, 2007.

H. Hughes, Lands of Shame (book), Centre for Independent Studies, 2007

M. Langton, Trapped in the aboriginal reality show, Griffith Review 19 (2007).

D. Ah Chee, Cutting alcohol abuse and violence, The Australian 20/10/2007.

Coronial findings of inquest on three APY suicides, Australian Indigenous Law Reporter 75 (2005), 80.

M. Keel, Family violence and sexual assault in Indigenous communities: "Walking the talk", AIFS Sept 2004.

R. Parker & D.I. Ben-Tovim, A study of factors affecting suicide in Aboriginal and 'other' populations, in the Top End of the Northern Territory through an audit of coronial records, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 36, (2002), 404-410.

Indigenous Family Violence Strategy, Victoria, 2002.

P. Sutton, The politics of suffering: Indigenous policy in Australia since the 1970s, Anthropological Forum 11 (2) (2001), 125-73.

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I.T. Ring and D. Firman, Reducing indigenous mortality in Australia: lessons from other countries, Medical Journal of Australia 169 (1998), 528-33.

S. Jarrett, We have left it in their hands': a critical assessment of principles underlying legal and policy responses to aboriginal domestic violence: a location study, Adelaide U PhD thesis, 1997.

S.E. Skull, A.R. Ruben and A. Walker, Malnutrition and microcephaly in Australian aboriginal children, Medical Journal of Australia 166 (1997), 412-4.

J. Fisher et al, Violence and remote area nursing, Australian J. of Rural Health 4 (1996), 190-9.

J. Lloyd and N. Rogers, Crossing the last frontier: problems facing aboriginal women victims of rape in Central Australia, AIC,1992?

M. Sam, Through Black Eyes: A Handbook of Family Violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait lslander Communities, SNAICC, 1991.

E. Hunter, Images of violence in Aboriginal Australia, Aboriginal Law Bulletin, 1990.

 J. Atkinson, Violence against Aboriginal women: Reconstitution of community law: The way forward, Aboriginal Law Bulletin, vol. 2, no. 46, (1990), 6-9.

D. Bell and T.P. Nelson, Speaking about rape is everyone's business, Women's Studies International Forum 12 (1989), 403-16.

 News reports Minimize


23/11/2010  Fighting again in Yuendumu after clan's return ... more>

19/11/2010  Group who fled Yuendumu return with police protection ... more>

16/11/2010  Nangala escapes conviction for assault ... more>

12/11/2010  Fatal police shooting in Collarenebri followed assault on aboriginal ... more>

12/11/2010  Payback out of control in Central Australia ... more>

12/11/2010  High rates of indigenous infant death in NT ... more>

8/11/2010  Four Corners covers Deborah Melville case ... more>

4/11/2010  Police claim it is safe to return to Yuendumu ... more>

 1/11/2010 Attempted armed robbery, Manunda ... more>

 31/10/2010  Thieves bash mute and disabled Alice man ... more>

 31/10/2010  Boy indecently assaulted, NSW South Coast ... more>

 29/10/2010  75-year-old Cairns woman severely bashed in face ... more>

 28/10/2010  "Highly respected" member of WA community jailed for teen sex and attempting to pervert the course of justice ... more>

 28/10/2010  Heated debate in NT Parliament over violent past of candidate ... more>

 27/10/2010  Eight years' jail for Port Augusta manslaughter ... more>

 27/10/2010  Ram raid by gang, Tamworth ... more>

 27/10/2010  Young teenagers attack woman on bus, Adelaide ... more>

 26/10/2010  Disabled men bashed at bus stop, Adelaide ... more>

 23/10/2010  Aboriginal "shaming" courts lenient on domestic violence ... more>

 22/10/2010  End of Tennant Creek Thursday grog ban brought 50% increase in grog-related violence ... more>

 21/10/2010  Head injury risk factor for Kimberley dementia ... more>

 20/10/2010  Sue Gordon calls for NT Govt to be  stripped of child protection responsibilities ... more>

 19/10/2010  Former Cape York mayor to be tried for rape ... more>

 19/10/2010  Remote community assault convictions up since Intervention ... more>

 18/10/2010  "Overwhelming failure" of NT child protection system ... more>  ... Bath report>

 18/10/2010  Indecent assault, Ngukurr ... more>

 15/10/2010  Oombulgurri: improved conditions prompt exodus ... more>

 14/10/2020  Violence well down in Wilcannia ... more>

14/10/2010  Taxi driver assaulted, Darwin ... more>

 14/10/2010  Issue of shire president's 1974 murder conviction ... more>

9/10/2010  Sexual assault in home, Alice Springs ... more>

7/10/2010  Two Pilbara communities go grog-free ... more>

7/10/2010  Murder accused in Port Augusta court ... more>

 7/10/2010  Robbery of video store, Townsville ... more>

6/10/2010  Debate on proposed Alice youth curfew ... more>

5/10/2010  Weapons seized after Groote Eylandt violence ... more> ... more photos>

 5/10/2010  Violence against women "not really terrible" under Yolngu law ... more> ... denial>

5/10/2010  Carjacking, stabbing and rampage, Adelaide and Gawler ... more>

5/10/2010  Woman assaulted from behind, Darwin ... more>

 4/10/2010  Heavy taser use against aboriginal detainees in WA ... more> ... one dead ... more>

4/10/2010  Grog-proof fence brings some peace to Halls Creek ... more>

3/10/2010  Call for more action on urban domestic violence ... more>

 1/10/2010  Investigation reopened into 8-year-old dead in waterhole ... more>

1/10/2010  Interagency operation against Alice youth gangs ... more>

29/9/2010  Aggravated assault, Darwin ... more>

28/9/2010  More teenage suicides in NT ... more>

 28/9/2010  16-year-old with 14-page criminal history sentenced for bus station attack ... more>

27/9/2010  Yuendumu clan denied payback, demand enemies' exile ... more> ... more> ... background>

23/9/2010  Yuendumu refugees arrive in Adelaide ... more>

 22/9/2010  Over 100  Yuendumu residents relocated to avoid violence ... more>

22/9/2010  Three women assault and rob woman and child, Townsville ... more>

21/9/2010  Police car rammed, Brisbane ... more>

 20/9/2010  Yuendumu arrests reach 17, family fearing retribution relocated ... more>

 18/9/2010  Failure of Intervention in Binjari ... more>

 16/9/2010  Feuds out of control in Yuendumu, motorists advised to avoid ... more> ... more>

 16/9/2010  Darwin taxi driver bashed in robbery ... more>

 14/9/2010  Murder charge over camp stabbing  ... more>

 14/9/2010  Abandoned remote children scavenging house to house ... more>

 13/9/2010  Recent "mob rampages" in Alice Springs ... more>

 13/9/2010  Stabbing victim dies after a week ... more>

 8/9/2010  Robbery and indecent assault, Adelaide ... more>

 7/9/2010  Armed robbery with machete, Leichhardt ... more>

 6/9/2010  Attempted armed robbery of fast food outlet, Orange ... more>

 5/9/2010  Umpire and police bashed in footy riot, Alice Springs ... more>

 4/9/2010  Police attacked while destroying alcohol, Darwin ... more>

 4/9/2010  Assault and robbery, Cairns ... more>

 3/9/2010  Sentencing for attack that disfigured girlfriend ... more>

 3/9/2010  Stabbings, Alice town camp ... more>

 3/9/2010  Indecent assault on bus, Adelaide ... more>

 3/9/2010  Peter Sutton's Politics of Suffering wins John Button Prize ... more>

 2/9/2010   Taxi driver assaulted, Darwin ... more>

 2/9/2010  Qld report shows drop in indigenous violence ... more> ... more>

 1/9/2010  Central Australian Aboriginal Congress march against domestic violence ... more>

 30/8/2010  Call for aboriginal community to contain child abuse and self-harm to improve health ... more>

 28/8/2010  Four assaulted by eight women, Budamba ... more>

 26/8/2010  68% of WA juveniles in jail indigenous ...  more>

 25/8/2010  More Darwin violence ...  more>

 25/8/2010  Boy missing after being run down by car ... more>

 25/8/2010  Violent crime "out of control" in Darwin ... more>

 24/8/2010  Violent bag snatch, Darwin ... more>

 24/8/2010  Police awards for actions in 2007 Aurukun riot ... more>

 23/8/2010  Worsening figures for NSW aborigines in abuse, incarceration, recidivism ... more>

 21/8/2010  Couple assaulted in park, Darwin ... more>

 20/8/2010  Darwin barrister allegedly assaulted by ex-wife ... more>

 19/8/2010  Grog-related violence still rife in Alice ... more>

 18/8/2010  Torres Strait nurse criticises leniency of rape sentence ... more> ... more>

 18/8/2010  Sentencing for attempted rape ... more>

 18/8/2010  Dog hero of Aboriginal chidren's reading book loved attacking police vans ... more>

 18/8/2010  Railway employee and woman assaulted, Doonside ... more>

 18/8/2010  Armed robbery of service station, Goondiwindi ... more>

 16/8/2010   Shop assistant assaulted with meat cleaver, Alice Springs ... more>

 17/8/2010  Attacks, Boulder camp ... more>

 16/8/2010  Coalition retains Lingiari candidate despite breach of domestic violence order ... more> ... more>

 16/8/2010  Two women mugged and car stolen, Cooparoo ... more>

 16/8/2010  Convenience store robbed at knifepoint, Rockhampton ... more>

 16/8/2010  Robbery and attack, Adelaide ... more>

 13/8/2010  Bashing with block of frozen prawns, Nhulunbuy ... more>

 13/8/2010  Stabbing, Alice town camp ... more>

 12/8/2010  Violence at Wilcannia school investigated ... more>

 12/8/2010  Police criticised over Taser death of mentally ill man ... more> ... more>

 12/8/2010  Brain-damaged petrol-sniffer died near tip ... more>

 10/8/2010  Troy Taylor avoids jail for assault ... more>

 10/8/2010  Lovett rape case begins ... more>

 10/8/2010  Aggravated robbery, Minto ... more>

 8/8/2010  Policewoman assaulted, Ramingining ... more>

 5/8/2010  French tourists assaulted, Darwin ... more> ... more>

 5/8/2010  Police failed to interview witnesses in Vaggs death ... more>

 5/8/2010  Tighter alcohol restrictions in Halls Creek ... more>

 5/8/2010  Ernie Dingo denies child assault allegations ... more> ... more>

 4/8/2010  Woman with iron bar assaults McDonalds customers, Alice Springs ... more>

 4/8/2010  Prehistoric "traditional methods of dispute resolution" ... more>

 3/8/2010  NT child protection inquiry hears of starving children and weak protection ... more>

 2/8/2010  Defence of sacred site claimed as assault defence ... more>

 31/7/2010  Compensation payout for jail van heat death ... more>

 30/7/2010  Armed robbery, Townsville ... more>

 28/7/2010  Chaos in NT child protection ... more>

 27/7/2010  Delays in NSW indigenous child protection plan ... more>

 26/7/2010  Carjacking at Adelaide McDonalds ... more>

 25/7/2010  Attempted sexual assault, Tennant Creek ... more>

 24/7/2010  Gang assault at midnight, Darwin ... more>

 24/7/2010  Teens hold up petrol station, Geraldton ... more>

 21/7/2010 Western Sydney home invasion, victim bashed with golf club ... more>

 19/7/2010  Alice Springs black women complain of attacks by whites ... more>

 19/7/2010  Palm Island riot leader paroled ... more>

 18/7/2010  Body found, Alice Springs ... more>

18/7/2010  Man charged with murder of 19-year-old woman, Mornington Island ... more>

 17/7/2010  Assaults  on women in street, Darwin ... more>

 17/7/2010  160 cases of STIs in children in NT in 2009 ... more>

 13/7/2010  Policewoman hurt in Ramingining brawl ... more>

 11/7/2010  Comfits issued in Bourke rape case ... more>

 7/7/2010  Inquest confirms Yothu Yindu member suicided after stabbing partner ... more>

 7/7/2010  Assault in street at midnight, Darwin ... more>

 2/7/2010  Man charged over fatal Darwin arson ... more>

 29/6/2010  Highway robbery in outback ... more>

 28/6/2010  Judge's comments on abusers' contempt for courts ... more>

 28/07/2010  Attacker kicks toddler in chest, Cairns ... more>

 26/6/2010  Sentencing for wife who stabbed husband to death ... more>

 23/6/2010  Stabbing death, Katherine ... more>

 17/6/2010  CMC instructs Qld police to act on Doomadgee investigation ... more>

 15/6/2010  Palm Island dry, trouble moves to ferries ... more>

15/6/2010  Man run over by own ute in carjacking, near Mildura ... more> ... more>

11/5/2010  Rape of woman with baby, Ti Tree ... more>

 11/5/2010  Cairns man sentenced for stabbing to death daughter who "talked back" ... more>

 8/6/2010  Long investigation broke wall of silence at Oombulgurri ... more>

 7/6/2010  10-year-old attempted suicide when sent to alcoholic relative ... more>

 7/6/2010  Early morning assault, Alice Springs ... more>

 3/6/2010  Assault to the head, Ali Curung ... more>

 3/6/2010  Police criticised by coroner over death in custody ... more>

 29/5/2010  Iron bars out, learning in at Aurukun school ... more>

 28/5/2010  Rosemary Neill comments on NT Chief Justice's statement ... more>

 28/5/2010  NT Chief Justice retires, demoralised by continuing tide of indigenous violence ... more>

 25/5/2010  Lani's Story on SBS  ... more> ... video and synopsis>

 24/5/2010  'Port Keats... It's a Riot' t-shirts big sellers ... more>

 21/5/2010  Child Abuse Taskforce makes arrest in remote community ... more>

 20/5/2010  One day in jail for punching wife ... more>

 19/5/2010  Inquest on mentally ill man tasered by police ... more>

 18/5/2010  Serial sex offender charged again ... more>

 18/5/2010 Policeman injured dealing with large disturbance ... more>

 18/5/2010  WA case calls in question police rights to enforce law on native title land ... more>

 15/5/2010  Two jailed for raping Asian student ... more>

 14/5/2010  Persistent violence in Kormilda College boarding houses ... more>

 14/5/2001  Katherine taxi driver assaulted ... more>

 13/5/2001  Mentally ill woman  bashes tavern staff ... more>

 12/5/2010  Governor-General visits violent community ... more>

 7/5/2010  69-year-old Darwin jogger assaulted ... more>

 5/5/2010  Arrest for three assaults, Alice Springs ... more>

 4/5/2010  Complaints over police restraint of 13-year-old ... more> ... more>

 2/5/2010  Woman stabbed husband thinking he was cheating ... more>

 30/4/2010  Kimberley community ejects violent family ... more> ... but forced to take them back ... more>

 29/4/2010  Ferocious stabbing, Alice town camp ... more>

 23/4/2010  Light sentences for Ryder killers ... more>

 20/4/2010  Grog-runnner fell from ute after police chase and died ... more>

 19/4/2010  NPY women push for takeaway alcohol ban in Laverton ... more>

 19/4/2010  Tennant Creek gears up for Lightning Football Carnival ... more>

 17/4/2010  Guilty pleas for Ryder killing ... more>

 16/4/2010  Mentally ill man dies after being restrained from attacking medical staff ... more>

 16/4/2010  Stabbing in camp, victim critical, Alice Springs ... more>

 15/4/2010  Wheelchair-bound woman attacked in own home ... more>

 14/4/2010  Assault by gang, Alice Springs ... more>

 12/4/2010  Two more WA communities request alcohol bans ... more>  ... more>

 12/4/2010  Most happy with extra Intervention police: survey ... more>

 12/4/2010  Indigenous attacks on Darwin Sudanese ... more>

 12/4/2010  Late-night assault, Alice Springs ... more>

 10/4/2010  FAS child returned to violent mother ... more>

  9/4/2010  Disturbance and police assaulted, Woorabinda ... more>

 8/4/2010  Aboriginal people 15-20 times more likely to commit violent offences ... more>

 6/4/2010  9000 lockups per year for drunkenness in Katherine ... more>

 2/4/2010  Man convicted of bashing wife at Palmerston Bus Station - video ... more>

 1/4/2010  Man broke into girl's bedroom, smashed way into pub - video ... more>

 31/3/2010  Man mauled to death by dogs in camp ... more>

30/3/1010  Federal parliamentary inquiry into indigenous youth crime begins hearings ... more>

 30/3/1010  Federal parliamentary inquiry into indigenous youth crime begins hearings ... more>

25/3/2010  Alice Springs Social Order police patrols take 1400 drunks into protective custody in one month ... more>

25/3/2010  Palm Island domestic violence centre closes - not from lack of business ... more>

23/3/2010  Assaults down in some Qld indigenous communities, up in others ... more>

 22/3/2010  Multiple assaults on same victim, Katherine ... more>

20/3/2010  Violence against nurses in Cape York continues ... more>

18/3/2010  Police now on the ground in far NW SA ... more>

18/3/2010  Cape York assaults down after grog ban ... more>

 13/3/2010  Wadeye parents claim school too violent for kids ... more>

12/3/2010  Hurley apologises to Doomadgee family ... more>

10/3/2010  Samson and Delilah star charged with jumping on cars ... more>

8/3/2010  Footballers lead "Tackling violence" campaign ... more>

 8/3/2010  Doomadgee witness changes story ... more>

6/3/2010  NT judge condemns payback excuses ... more>

5/3/2010  Armed break-in, Katherine ... more>

25/2/2010  NT indigenous over-represented in road deaths ... more>

 25/2/2010  Abbott calls for nationwide ban on takeaway alcohol sales in remote communities ... more>

23/2/2010  Drunk mother threw baby on ground: video ..more>

22/2/2010  Child Abuse Task Force arrest ... more>

20/2/2010  Tiwi suicide and violence claimed much reduced ... more>

 20/2/2010  Arson squad investigates fatal arts centre fire ... more>

18/2/2010  Law Council calls for separate courts to "reempower" Aboriginal elders ... more>

16/2/2010  Facebook group targets Alice indigenous crime ... more>

16/2/2010  Drop in Redfern crime could be random fluctuation ... more>

 15/2/2010  Video of Bess Price's Bennelong Lecture on ABC Fora ... more>

9/2/2010  NT "at risk of harming" cases not case-managed ... more>

6/2/2010  NT children in care sent to violent relatives ... more>

21/1/2010  Arrests for sexual assaults on children, Central Australia ... more>

21/1/2010  Indigenous children over-represented in child protection system ... more>

21/1/2010  SA TAFE scheme on indigenous domestic violence expands ... more>

19/1/2010  Surge in NT domestic violence incidents over Christmas ... more>

14/1/2010  White grandmother wins right to rescue aboriginal grandchildren ... more>

 11/1/2010  Three boys mutilated in circumcision by allegedly drunk elders ... more> ... won't stop tradition ... more>

7/1/2010  NT assaults up 62% in 6 years, some drop in sex abuse since Intervention ... more>

2/1/2010  Large group attack police, Wadeye ... more>

 2/1/2010  Woman assaulted in Alice Springs motel ... more>

2/1/2010  Policeman dies after intervening in Katherine nightclub brawl ... more> ... more>

1/1/2010  Fitzroy Crossing domestic violence back up as grog bans evaded ... more>



7/5/2008:  Mullighan Inquiry reports on sexual abuse in APY lands, NW South Australia

1/5/2008:  Assault to head with axe in Alice Springs camp

14/3/2008:  "Remove children" plea by Aurukun elders

18/4/2008:  Kimberley school warden jailed for abuse of 12-year-olds

16/4/2008:  Hermannsburg safe house set up for women and children fleeing violence

10/3/2008:  Brewarrina safe house short of funds

28/2/2008:  Perth aboriginal leader Robert Bropho jailed for 3 years for sex offences with girl under 13

26/2/2008:  WA Coroner Alastair Hope reports on 22 Kimberley deaths

21/2/2008:  National Indigenous Violence and Child Abuse Intelligence Task Force given coercive powers to counter "wall of silence"

23/1/2008 Text of Dr Lara Wieland's 2003 letter on Kowanyama

12/1/2008:  Aurukun gang-rape victim suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome


30/12/2007  17 arrested over Wadeye Xmas riots

19/12/2007:  Police investigate death of 5-month-old Hope Vale boy

19/12/2007:  WA Aboriginal women 32 times more likely to be killed as pedestrians in car accidents than non-indigenous

18/12/2007:  Borroloola pub licence reinstated despite violence concerns

5/12/2007:  Bowraville murder investigation, Parliamentary Question

3/12/2007:  Wilcannia safe house coordinator honoured

29/10/2007:  Warning shot fired during Wadeye riot

29/10/2007:  Court hearing on leaking of emails on Mutitjulu violence

27/10/2007:  Yuendumu and Hermannsburg women demand protection

4/9/2007:  Sexual assault of 13-year old boy, Mildura

29/8/2007:  Yalata petrol-for-sex elder and preacher jailed 8 years

12/8/2007:  NT murder capital of Australia

7/7/2007:  Violence and fear in Ali Curung

3/7/2007:  3-month-old dead of head injuries near Tennant Creek

25/6/2007:  Mutitjulu to be a focus of Intervention, police station unoccupied

25/6/2007  Blackout Violence campaign, Redfern ... more

18/6/2007  Tiwi indigenous child abuse "happening for decades"

16/6/2007:  'Little Children are Sacred' report ... the report

24/5/2007:  Recidivist domestic violence offender arrested near Hermannsburg

18/5/2007:  Review of Louis Nowra's Bad Dreaming

20/4/2007:  Crisis summit over Alice Springs violence

17/2/2007:  Noel Pearson describes a night in Hope Vale

17/1/2007:  Doomadgee witness hangs himself

16/1/2007:  Palm Island man arrested for rape, torture and murder of 14-month-old girl


27/12/2006:  Policewoman injured in Palm Island violence

13/10/2006:  Domestic violence order against Galarrwuy Yunupingu quashed

17/10/2006: Lawyer defends violence under customary law ...document

31/7/2006:  Doomadgee son hangs himself

8/7/2006:  Wadeye riot: police feared for their lives, 300 left homeless

19/5/2006:  Rosemary Neill on the history of ignoring reports of indigenous violence

16/5/2006:  Central Land Council Chairman found guilty of throwing tomahawk at woman

15/5/2006:  Crown Prosecutor Nanette Rogers details abuse in Central Australia

2/4/2006:  Bashing death of Alice Springs 15-year-old Jenissa Ryan

23/2/2006: Up to 150 in Borroloola riot


19/11/2005:  Violent aboriginal prisoners in Goulburn jail join Islam

28/10/2005:  Domestic violence rates in Bourke and Walgett 4 times state average


20/7/2004:  Indigenous adults twice as likely to be victims of physical or threatened violence

2/6/2004:  Alice Springs hardware store requested to log sales of spray paint

14/2/2004:  Redfern riot following death of youth fleeing police


19/8/2003:  Indigenous deaths in custody in Australia


23/12/2002  Two-year-old Joedan Andrews disappears, Mildura area ... more ... more

24/6/2002:  Yunupingu's son jailed for killing


14/4/2001 P. Toohey, Sticks and stones, Weekend Australian


2/3/2000:  Five Mornington Island suicides


27/10/1999:  Hermannsburg riots over 10 days

17/8/1999:  18-year-old petrol sniffer convicted of anally raping and drowning 6-year-old at Hermannsburg (last page of doc)

12/8/1999  Tiwi suicide epidemic  ...  more

13/6/1999: Sunday report on domestic violence in remote communities (images) ... transcript


7/5/1838 R. v. Long Jack report>


Account of a fight among the natives of Moreton Bay ... more>

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